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Located in the heart of downtown Canton, just a short walk from the First Ladies Library you # visited, it is a worthy destination for everyone in Northeast Ohio. The space, style and affordable price welcome you to the city's vibrant art and culture scene, as well as its history and heritage.

It has a cool mix of modernity and history, and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductors like to visit it when they're in town. North Canton is also home to one of the best restaurants in the city, where people can experience city life to their liking. There are many great restaurants to keep an eye on when visiting, as well as a variety of shops, restaurants and bars.

The Museum of Street Shops brings life back to Canton in the 19th century, evoking the city's beginnings as a bustling city of commerce and commerce. Also of great interest is the Ohio State University Museum of Art, which is also interesting for people with extended interests, and the University of Ohio Museum.

When my boys were little, we did this every weekday when we arrived in May, and dozens of excited schoolchildren flocked in and out of the museum every time.

The Christmas Market is an art and crafts fair that brings together over 100 artisans from all over the country. The Antiques Canton Show and Sale has nationally renowned guest curators and the museum has the largest collection of McKinley artifacts in the world. Dunham's Tavern Museum is an old building that stands on the grounds of Dunham Tavern, a popular restaurant and tavern in downtown Cantons, Ohio. Its purpose is to discover, collect and preserve archaeological sites and materials related to the history and culture of Ohio and the culture and history of America. It includes a museum gallery that displays artifacts from the past, present and future, such as ceramics, pottery, glass, woodworking, jewelry, furniture and much more.

Check out the museum's genealogical guide to see if you're related to President McKinley or read curator Kim Kenney's blog. For historical photos of the canton, visit the museum's Facebook page and check its blog for some museum attractions. The permanent exhibits include a history of the cantons of Ohio, from here to Cleveland, and a book that you can access if you simply can't get it.

The museum has a particular interest in the history of the president and the region, and spends much of its time in its galleries dedicated to President McKinley and his family, as well as the history of Stark County. The book was just published to coincide with the opening of the exhibition "Stark County Story" at the museum, but still provides a good overview of the history of the canton and its place in the state of Ohio.

The museum in your hands - the Science Center is one of several attractions that attract up to 20,000 students to the museum each year for class trips, and there is a research program that is currently funded. The museum is definitely family friendly and we found plenty to please visitors of all ages. This museum attracts over 50,000 visitors each year, but there are also many educational activities for children, such as the currently funded research programs, as well as a children's museum.

North Canton Rooted is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization focused on community engagement, education and community service. We are determined to take a leadership role in our community and be an active member of our local community. Membership of the Northern Cantons is one of the most important next steps we consider to be membership of the NCC.

Founded in 1935, the Canton Museum of Art is a broad-based art organization dedicated to the promotion and promotion of fine arts in the Ohio canton. With more than 42,000 visitors a year, it makes discoveries and explorations of the arts accessible to all. The focus is on museums in Northeast Ohio, with an emphasis on art, history, culture, education, arts education, and community service. The display of historical exhibits, including a series of arrowheads, is the largest collection of its kind in Ohio State and the nation.

The museum has several historical nautical artifacts, including items used in the Great Lakes, as well as artifacts from around the world. This real railway depot served the inhabitants of Sylvania for 98 years, from 1858 to 1956. Many of the works are Bebe Canton - landmarks and personalities of the area, documenting the cultural and historical heritage of the area.

There are seven models of vehicles built in Canton, one of which, the Holmes, is housed in the museum and dates from the early 20th century and was built by Holmes himself.

The Small Municipal Art Gallery was founded in 1935 in the Cantonal Public Library, and many of the buildings are still preserved today. The museum is administered by the Ohio Historical Society and houses special humanities courses that have been offered for 20 years by the Cantons City School District. Visitors can learn more about Rutherford and Lucy Hayes in museum exhibitions of family artefacts.

More About Canton

More About Canton