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This tranquil landscape is surrounded by nature in the heart of Ohio and is offered year-round by the Ohio Luxury Cabins Gallery and its Big Creek Cabins. Hock is the perfect Ohio lodge with its beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains (see below for past reviews). This is one of our favorite hotels in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a great place for a great family vacation.

Lotus Lake Lodge is a great place to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Southeast Ohio with its beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains. The Shamrock Motel is the oldest family-run motel in Cincinnati, Ohio and one of our favorite hotels in the city.

Marriott Cleveland Beachwood is located in Beachwoods, just 10 miles from Burke Lakefront Airport. It is an international ambience combined with a great view of the Ohio River, Lake Erie and the Great Smoky Mountains to the east. The Marriott Cleveland Beach Hotel, the largest of its kind in the United States, is the only hotel in Ohio with its own restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa and hotel.

Love the penthouse, see the suits, enjoy great views of the Ohio River, Lake Erie and the Great Smoky Mountains to the east, and feel at home in your own home.

Frontier Log Cabins are located in the Hocking Hills in Southeast Ohio, minutes from seven Ohio State Parks, including Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Great Falls State Park and the Ohio River. See our list of 2 - 3 B / B Inns in Mansfield, rated # 3, for more information. Blue Creek Cabins, Inc. is located on the shores of Lake Erie, a short drive from the city of Canton, Ohio. It is located in Hock Hills, a small town south of Cleveland, Ohio, about an hour and a half north of Cincinnati and about a mile west of Columbus, at the entrance to the falls.

Located near the Cleveland Clinic's main campus, this hotel offers access to the Crystal Tower and amenities, as well as the University of Ohio Medical Center.

If you need a romantic getaway at an Amish Country Inn with a hot tub, try Donna's in Berlin, Ohio. Add to that a pet stay with pet-friendly amenities such as a dog park and pet spa, and you've got the perfect place for pets and a great place for family vacations.

The fully renovated Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown Cleveland is housed in the former Department of Education building. This is one of the most popular hotels in Ohio and the perfect place for a family getaway with a hot tub.

This historic Cleveland hotel is located just blocks from the Ohio State University campus in downtown Cleveland. Home to John Hopkins University, the University of Ohio, this gated community offers a variety of amenities including a gym, fitness center, gym, pool and spa, as well as an outdoor pool.

The Marriott Hotel offers guests a variety of amenities including a large 2-person hot tub with private pool and spa. Located just blocks from the Ohio State University campus in downtown Cleveland, this Marriott hotel is one of the largest hotels in the Cleveland area, offering guests access to all amenities.

Baymont Wyndham Columbus Rickenbacker is a great place for couples who like to gamble. Cleveland offers superior accommodations, convenient access to the Ohio State University campus, steps from downtown, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

This cabin in the Hocking Hills near Athens, Ohio, was built with the aim of ensuring the comfort of guests. Ideal for people who are out and about with their pets, it offers a variety of amenities including a pool, spa and wellness area, as well as an outdoor pool.

This vacation rental is located in the Hocking Hills of Ohio and is in an individual, secluded, wooded location. Timber Ridge Log Home is a holiday home with outdoor pool, spa and dining area and pool.

Those planning a holiday will find a comfortable hut for the whole family, comfortably equipped with all amenities and inexpensive. This beautiful log cabin is located in the heart of Amish Country in Ohio, just a short drive from downtown Canton, Ohio, and a few miles from the Ohio River.

If you're looking for something special, check out 5-star hotels in Cleveland on On average, three-star hotels in the Cleveland area cost $111 a night, 4- Rates for stars outside Cleveland are $0 per night and for 3 star hotels in Canton, Ohio, are under $2.

The nearest major airport is Columbus, OH (John F. Kennedy International Airport), and there are 342 hotels and other accommodations in Columbus. Located along the thoroughfare, the Cleveland Airport Hotels are a great place to visit and offer a unique Park & Sleep & Fly package that includes a 4-star Cleveland hotel, a 3-star Ohio State University campus hotel and a 5-star Canton hotel.

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