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We all know that the Pro Football Hall of Fame is one of the many fun activities in Canton, Ohio, but do you know what it's all about? Well, we all agree on one thing: cantons are Hall-of-Fame City, and they have been for a long time, from the beginnings of football history to the present day.

Atwood Lake offers camper vans and tent camping, or you can rent a cabin and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. The park offers attractions for all ages and interests, including karting, boating, fishing, kayaking and skidding. There are also a variety of activities for children, such as a playground, water park, amphitheater and children's playground.

The park also has a large mansion on the property, and you can rent a room for parties, weddings and meetings. Besides the lake, Baylor Beach also offers a variety of activities for children, such as kart riding, boating, fishing, kayaking and sledding, as well as a playground.

Take a day trip, stay overnight at the campsite and enjoy a unique romantic getaway or enjoy hiking trails and overnight stays in a hotel with lake views, picnic table and hot tub. Stay overnight at the campsite or on day trips, enjoy hiking trails, picnics, kayaks, canoes, hikes and ski trips, and a variety of activities.

Life jackets are required for almost every section of the lake and lifeguards are stationed throughout the park. If your child is not an advanced swimmer, bring a life jacket to wear on the lakes. You can use the life jackets provided by Clay Park or bring your own, which we do.

At the MAPS Air Museum you can get close to many different types of aircraft and even sit in the pilot's seat of a few. Perhaps the best part of the tour is meeting and talking to the pilots who flew the planes when they were built. There are many museums where you can look and not touch, but there are no small animals like fish and turtles. During the warmer months we can observe bees, hives, glass and of course ourselves.

During your visit, you can visit the free playground for your grandparents, as well as the children's playground and playground.

You can also take a free tour of the Chocolate Factory; during the tour you will learn about the history of Harry London, watch how chocolate is made, taste such delicious chocolate and learn about its history. You can't bring food to the park, but you can drop by the store to buy some delicious chocolates and treats. If you like mint chocolate, do yourself a favour and order the Green Monster; this is the best mint and chocolate ice cream you will ever eat. The park offers a variety of activities for children as well as a children's playground and playground for adults.

After visiting the museum, you will learn about the history of the chocolate factory and its history, as well as some of its famous characters.

The Art Museum is located in the Cultural Centre for the Arts in the city centre of Canton. In addition to the collection of cars from the Canton of Cantons, the museum also contains a large number of sculptures, paintings and other works of art from around the world. Whether you're looking for inspiration, learning about the art and cultural history of your region or just want to take a quick trip into the local art scene, here's a good stop for you.

In keeping with the museum's interactive nature, try the Timkem Bearing Ride and use the power of a Hoover vacuum to lift you into the air (you might get dizzy). There is also a military weapon that can be maneuvered to target and a passenger area of the Goodyear Blimp that can be explored.

The water at the bottom of the slide is about 4 feet deep, making it the deepest water slide in Ohio. In shallower water, 2 - 3 small rubber dinghies are transported into shallow water and the larger rubber dinghy into a deep basin.

With woods, meadows and swamps, this park is a great place for families who want to forget and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Stark County. There is also a 1.5 km long horse and riding trail that leads through the wooded land of the park. Those who want to bring their horses to the riding park can bring them.

A hot summer day at the lake or Baylor beach is a great way to entertain the kids and cool them down during the summer months. On the beach you can relax while your children play in the water and know they are safe.

Huge, extremely fast water slide and a chance to see who could get the furthest around the ring. The children had a lot of fun trying to beat their plates with drum rolls, climb on rubber dinghies and zoom the zip line into the water.

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More About Canton